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We are a trusted family-owned, working in our local area, and operate since 2005, we can turn your landscaping dream into reality, making your life little less stressful, while adding beauty to your home.

We would love to help, you can enjoy a yard that inspires your peace, freshness, value to your home and at the same time according to your interests, needs and budget. 

Looking for professional gardening, landscaping, lawn, and tree services in Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo or Benicia, CA? Look no further than Roberto's Landscaping & Gardening! We offer a wide range of services including trimming, stump grinding, root removal, clean up, weeding, lawn care, maintenance, new natural sod installation, spread bark and rocks, and installation of irrigation systems, sprinklers, and valves. 

Let’s enjoy the gift of the nature!

Services We Provide

Tree services / trimming

"Just show me your needs, to cut, trim or just detail what is necessary from your trees"

■ Trimming trees
■ Cut

Stump grinding / Roots removal

“Hinder or affect the stump and roots in your garden? We can remove it”

■ Stump grinding
■ Roots removal

Clean up/ Weeding

“The clean-up is necessary when the work in your yard has accumulated”

■ Weeding
■ Trimming
■ Lawn mowing
■ Edging
■ Blowing, etc…

Lawn care / Maintenance yard

“With services once a week or every other week”
■ Lawn mowing
■ Pruning of shrubs
■ Regular weed control
■ Edging
■ Fertilizing
■ Clean plants
■ Weeding
■ Blowing…

New natural sod installation

Install new natural grass with irrigation system if is necessary.

Spread Bark

Bark on specific areas.
We first clean the area, put fabric, put stakes, spread the bark, install bander board, etc.


Rocks on specific areas or walkways.
We first clean-up the specific area, put fabric, put stakes, put rocks, bander board, etc.

Irrigation system / Sprinklers / Valves

■ Complete irrigation system
■ Sprinkler install and repair
■ Change valves
■ Timer


Planting, Retaining Walls, Wood Fence repair, Clean gutters, Landscaping Design...

Contact us to schedule a meeting in person to discuss your landscaping needs, after our initial visit, plan approval and quote, we can set a date to start working.


Tell us about your project, service address, and how to get in touch.


Customer Feedback

andrea.cp24 May/20/2024 12:00:51

Roberto has taken very good care of our garden since the summer of 2023. He is very diligent, has strong attention to detail, and leaves my garden in better shape every time. Highly recommend his services as we will continue to partner with him moving forward. .

erikalyoneastman48 Jan/28/2024 05:54:22

They have always done an amazing job at keeping my yard looking great! They take care of multiple houses on my street. Also very flexible with any schedule changes that may come up. Thank you so much!.

mkahrimanian Jan/04/2024 02:45:48

We have been with Roberto for close to 10 years and have enjoyed his teams professionalism and value for the services they provide..

jsfnotary Apr/19/2023 10:35:49

Roberto and his team are great! They service my yard and my mom's yard. We have been doing business with them for over 4 years now. Always on time, very clean and fast..

diane.house131 May/14/2022 10:26:07

I’ve had Roberto and his crew doing my yard service for a little over two years. They do an excellent job maintaining my yards and bushes. My yard looks nice and neat week after week. I get lots of compliments about how nice my yards always look. Thanks Roberto!.

mau1124 May/13/2022 12:50:55

Roberto is fantastic. We have used nearly all the services offered and are always happy with the work. Great communication and prompt, quality workmanship. We have recommended him to others. .

moneek19 May/09/2022 07:19:50

The team is amazing and does such a great job! .

millabialosky May/06/2022 05:18:50

Very reliable and responsive. .

castro40j May/05/2022 08:58:06

Roberto and team are the best! They cleared all the weeds all over the house and trimmed the palm trees and their attention to detail was awesome! I highly recommend their services! .

frod563 May/04/2022 11:51:35

Great service. Very courteous. Would definitely recommend!.

Carlita44 May/04/2022 06:15:16

We love Roberto and his team. They show up rain or shine and even on the holidays. They trust you to pay them because sometimes they don't even leave an invoice because they know you know that you owe them...lololol....If you're looking for a reliable gardener, contact Roberto!.

nbsmith777 May/04/2022 06:08:37

Roberto and his team are amazing. My husband passed 2 years ago. Roberto kept doing extras for me like setting my sprinkler system timer. Their work is exemplary. Thank you for a job well done..

amd_ot May/04/2022 05:57:08

Roberto and his crew has done our lawn for over 10 years. They are professional and consistent with their work! Not only has he cut our grass but we have used his services for tree removal and landscaping the front of our house . We also have had to use them to fix and install our sprinklers. Top notch service and recommend them to everyone . .

jillcnguyen Apr/22/2022 01:04:50

Roberto and his team always do a fabulous job! When they finish a job it is truly a master piece. They are professional, honest, and provide quality work. I use them for any of my residential or commercial needs. Highly recommend!! .


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